Since 1848...

Since 1848...

Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School was founded in 1848. It was organized by five families with the names of Grass, Fischer, Rothe, Drenkhahn and Bohn. They completed and signed the founding Constitution on November 29, 1848, under the name of “Holy Cross German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Collinsville”.

The first pastor to be called to Holy Cross was Pastor Friedrich Lochner, who was serving at St. John Lutheran just north of Collinsville, in what is now Maryville, and at Zion Lutheran in Staunton.

The first worship services were held in rented spaces from Christ Episcopal Church on Seminary Street for 75 cents per month.


1849  .  The first church building was dedicated on November 2, 1849.
1855  .  A larger church building was dedicated in 1855.
1861  .  A building for the school was purchased in 1861.
1872  .  A larger building for the school was erected in 1872.
1891  .  The “little school” was constructed in 1891.
1915  .  The current sanctuary was dedicated in 1915.
1953  .  The current main school building was constructed in 1953.
1958  .  Good Shepherd was founded by members of Holy Cross in 1958.
1973  .  A church and school renovation in 1973.
1991  .  A major school and gymnasium expansion in 1991.
2001  .  The entire sanctuary was renovated in 2001.

Landmark status

Holy Cross is registered with the City of Collinsville Historic Places.


Holy Cross continues to thrive and share  God’s love with our members, community and world. We have over 1,900 baptized and 1,500 communicant  members.

Holy Cross Sunday

Each year in September, we celebrate our history and give thanks to God on Holy Cross Sunday.